LoopTV ‪bring you ‬this great Skrillex bass tutorial from award winning Loopmasters and 5Pin Media producer Dan Larsson, on using Native Instruments FM8 synth in Ableton to create a monster Dubstep Growl Bass patch!

Dan Larsson is a very accomplished Dubstep producer who has worked for both Loopmasters and 5Pin Media under various identities, creating award winning sample packs which will literally melt your speakers! His sample packs include: Dubstep Monster Bass, Dubstep Beats, Dubstep Beats 2, and Dubstep Synths.

In this tutorial Dan uses an instance of FM8 in Ableton plus an FX chain of Ohmicide distortion, two auto filters, a WOW filter, Overdive unit, EQ and Limiter to create his version of the the classic broken growl bass coined by Dubstep DJ Skrillex.

Included in the tutorial is a 10% discount coupon for his pack Dubstep Synths pack which is out on 5Pin Media.