PreSonus Studio One Song Page Tutorial Part 4

1. The horizontal bar (under the blue arrow) is best for horizontal scrolling (without zooming).

2. You can also of course click in the space between the horizontal bar and the small arrows for another variation of horizontal scrolling.

3. You can still zoom with the “Time Zoom” feature (below the red arrow in the image below).

4. More incremental movements left or right can be achieved be clicking on the very small arrows either side of the area where that bar resides (under the green arrows in the image).

Events – Nudge

1. Select the Event/s you want to nudge

2. Hold down Alt and tap the Left Arrow key to nudge Left and the Right Arrow key to nudge event/s to the right.

A few other Nudge related points…

1. You can Nudge Audio or Midi events

2. You can Nudge individual Midi notes as well (within a Midi Event).

3. You can group (drag over to select) Midi notes and Nudge them collectively.

4. The Nudge function will obey / follow your quantize settings

5. The area (Editor or Arrange View) where you select an Event prior to Nudging determines which Quantize settings Nudge will Obey /use….(Editor or Arrange view settings).

Original source: here.