Loop+ present part 2 of 6 Native Instruments Massive tutorials from acclaimed producer Marco Scherer on patch and sound design to accompany his 'House FX' PatchWorx sound collection on Loopmasters. This one looks at creating rhythmic FX layers with modulated oscillator sequences in Massive.

House FX is a collection of custom FX, percussion elements, sweeps, zaps, and drops. The pack is focused on enhancing your songs rather than trying to fill your productions with pads, leads, and basses. Here Marco presents some of his programming tricks for creating some of these House FX sounds from scratch in NI Massive, specifically how to use mod osc sequences to form rhythmic layers to your sounds.

About Marco Scherer

Marco Scherer started DJing in 1992 in the areas techno and hard trance. Besides doing sound design jobs for companies like Digidesign, ReFX, and Tone2 Marco is also spinning and producing Techno, House, Minimal and Trance music, always touched by Deep Tribal rhythms and rocking grooves.