LoopTV brings you studio monitors Part 1 interview with PMC founder Peter Thomas, from the DSP Projects recent series looking into the science behind your studio monitors.  This 2 part interview forms Part 5 of the overall studio monitor series.

The series aims to explore what key factors influence a monitors sound quality, build and price, plus it looks at ways to improve your existing setup.

Here Rupert Brown talks to founder of legendary speaker manufacturers PMC - Peter Thomas, about the history of PMC from its early beginnings, the mechanics of their active transmission line range, and asks about the manufacturing and testing processes involved.

This interview has been split into 2 parts due to its length - this is the first section.

The DSP Project is a dynamic new electronic music production video portal aimed at musicians and producers looking to get some decent tutorials and production tips and tricks!

Managed by Rupert who is a passionate producer and audio consultant for über music systems design company - Cornflake.co.uk



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