Those of you who’ve been paying some attention to the blog will likely have come across our post on understanding the basics of key and scales. If you haven’t read it and aren’t really sure about key/scale, I really recommend you do, as it will change the way you approach writing tunes for the better. You can view our post on basic music theory here.

Following on, let’s take the concept of determining the scale of each of your chords a little further – when your track contains more than one chord in progressions. You’ll remember that a bit of useful advice for those of you who aren’t really musically trained and able to memorize scales easily is to have some coloured tape handy to attach to the keys in the scale for each of the chords you’ve decided to build your track with.  Using a different colour tape (easily obtainable at any stationary shop - look for something like this) for each chord scale you will notice something – some of the keys on your keyboard will have each of the different colours stuck on them!

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