Automation is one of the key tools in music production, especially when it comes to writing dance music. Automation allows you to go in and adjust parameters on your plugin synth, EQ, compressor, effect unit or any software plugin that would appear on your channel strip.  Simple things like fading your track out or being able to control a frequency sweep on your EQ are functions that are easily controlled with automation.

I use Logic and when introduced to the different automation functions available on your channel strip, for example ‘Read’, ‘Write’, ‘Touch’ & ‘Latch’ it really changed my approach to automation. Instead of going in with the pencil and drawing everything in, I could now automate in real time, or latch the automation to my midi controller.

This quick, informative video courtesy of Magnet Media Films explains the difference between ‘Read’, ‘Write’, ‘Touch’ & ‘Latch’.