Yeah, it has WAV files and hits, but the Big Deal is that this collection features REX2 loops optimized for Propellerhead's Reason and Spectrasonics' Stylus RMX. For the REX format files (but not the WAVs), the elements of the various loops are isolated and sliced individually. This does three groovy things: The slicing quality is great because it's not necessary to slice complex loops, it's easy to mix and match individual parts, and with Stylus RMX, the loops work fine with the SAGE Converter (although the conversion process takes a while) so you can load up different patterns into the different tracks and create great rhythms. The loops are mostly drums and percussion of the syncopated, almost Brazilian-like Nu Jazz persuasion, but there are a lot of instruments folded in as well (Rhodes, Moog Bass, strings, etc.).

It's 4GB worth o' stuff: almost 3,000 drum, music, and FX Refill-friendly samples, 2,838 REX2 files, and 566 WAV format drums and music loops. It takes a long time to explore everything, but don't worry - pretty much everything works as expected, so feel free to mix 'n' match. The package includes 50MB of demo files; I've spliced pieces of some of them together at, as they give a realistic idea of what to expect. Good stuff, with good stretching too.


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