In association with Loopmasters Samples, Quantize Courses give you the complete set of tools to turn your loops and samples into releasable tracks...

LOOP EXPERT is a specially designed Ableton tuition course offering production skills and sample manipulation tricks, to allow you to maximize the inspiration from your existing sample library, and create completely fresh grooves, samples and arrangements.  

With the LOOP EXPERT course you’ll learn how to build better beats with: Fill variations, Ghost hits, Polyrhythm’s and Improved groove & feel.
And improve your chords & melodies with: Layering, Riff development, Analog emulation tips and Eq, Phase & stereo tricks.

With over 3 hours of HD tutorials and an Ableton Live set packed full of examples, you’ll see how to tune up your loops into release ready tracks in no time!

To help get you started - Loopmasters are offering an exclusive 20% discount on any of their own award winning samplepacks, as featured in the course videos!  Simply purchase the course you’ll get a unique discount coupon (in the course materials) you can use right away to get additional content at 20% off!

Become master of the loop with Loopmasters & Quantize Courses.



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