Quadrant, a.k.a Leigh Caplan presents an in depth walkthrough of how to create DnB bassline sounds and patches with Cableguys Curve 2 soft synth plugin.  

Who is Quadrant?

U.S based Drum & Bass producer Quadrant has tunes newly signed to Total Science's C.I.A Deep Kut imprint, more material forthcoming on Dispatch, Commercial Suicide, and Intrigue, as well as worldwide DJ support from artists such as Goldie, Klute, A Sides, Silent Witness, Ant TC1, DLR, Survival, Ulterior Motive, and State of Mind, the pace is only quickening in 2014.

These are exciting times for lovers of heads down, well-crafted Drum and Bass, and Quadrant is here to give them exactly what they want.

About Curve 2

Curve 2 is a software synthesizer with an irresistible waveform editor, huge sound library and slick interface. Ideal for both experimentation and detailed tweaking at an excellent sound quality.
Feed Curve's oscillators, LFOs and envelopes with custom waveforms. For anything rhythmic from wobbles to FX loops and evolving pads. For broad oscillator timbres from deep basses to shrill, aggressive snarls.
A huge library will get you started, with quality presets by well-known preset designers such as Michael Kastrup, Pluginguru, Myagi, Xenos Soundworks, Soundsdivine, and hidden pearls from the Curve community.  Curve 2 provides completely new possibilities for experimentation and detailed tweaking, with a simple to use, immediate, slick interface.
Sound Features

Curve 2 features aliasing-free oscillators with custom waveforms, noise generation and broad FM options. Waveform crossfades provide for changing timbres; a comprehensive unison mode delivers fat lead sounds, wide pads and massive sound. Drawable LFOs deliver everything from melodic and rhythmic patterns to dubstep wobbles and punishing bit-crushing effects. Flexible filter routing, a feature-rich mono mode plus legato and glide, are all designed for great depth of control.
Preset Library
Curve's preset library is a shared online database, providing a constant source of inspirational sound. Public preset sharing allows an ever-increasing number of great presets, public preset voting will help you manage the vast number of sounds, all from within the plugin. Curve ships with an excerpt of this ever-growing sound library. Macro knobs let you explore vast sound variations quickly, for quick access to those parameters that define the core of a sound.
Elegant Interface
Curve 2 shows you everything important at a glance, featuring high contrasts and a fresh colour scheme. Inbuilt MIDI assignment allows you to set up external MIDI controllers quickly.

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