Hologram is a creative effect processor that re-synthesizes the sound in real time. It does this by splitting the input signal into multiple frequency bands, analyzing their dynamics, and then recreating the signal’s spectrum with an array of sine oscillators.

The result is a wide variety of pleasantly smooth synthetic tones whose spectral and dynamic characteristics are controlled by the input audio. To take it even further, Hologram also has two highly flexible, multi-waveform modulators that apply rhythmic motion to its re-synthesis engine.

The plugin features a color-coded interface with sharp graphics, handy parameter value displays and lively animations. A large spectrogram view allows to precisely see what the effect is doing. And as usual with Sinevibes software, Hologram supports Retina screens and offers great responsiveness even on old or low-spec hardware.

Key Features

    •    Spectrum analyzer with up to 64 frequency bands.
    •    Sine oscillator array for real-time signal resynthesis.
    •    Two separate modulators with 8 waveforms, adjustable chaos, lag and curve.
    •    Advanced transport sync algorithm with support for tempo and time signature automation.

Check out the full demo and free taster samples here: http://bitly.com/sinevibeshologram



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