Thanks to all of you who helped us contribute to two great charities in partnership with Last Night A DJ Saved My Life through proceeds from our 2015 Christmas sales. 

We were able to contribute £5K to the War Child Charity and £1,500 to Drop4Drop!

“To receive such valuable support from Loopmasters for our Feelin' Good, Doin' Good campaign, will certainly inspire other parts of the industry to also get involved and make a difference. The donation made to LNADJ, from funds raised through the Loopmasters Xmas 2015 Sale, is a shining example of how much can be achieved from simple fund raising initiatives.”

Jonny Lee (Founder LNADJ)


Our donation raised will help the ongoing work in Jordan, supporting refugee children and their families both in Zaatari Camp refugee camp, close to the Syrian border in northern Jordan and among the host communities of Irbid. 

By population, the camp is now the fourth largest city in Jordan and the world's second largest refugee camp.   The programme focuses on running a number of Child Friendly Spaces and delivering our specialist DEALS methodology, which uses structured cycles of group based psychosocial support to help children manage the trauma they have experienced and continue their learning. 

This recent video gives you an idea of the situation in the camp: It includes case studies and discussions with children, parents and teachers, with a particular focus on the importance of psychosocial care – a key aspect of War Child’s support for Syrian children living in the camp

The funds raised will contribute towards a range of resources for the children; this includes packs of winter clothing, books for the camp, back-to-school kits and the build of a sustainable child friendly space.  We're pleased to be told of the impact that even a small difference can make to these children’s lives.


Their projects are based in the state of Andhra Pradesh, a drought prone region hugely affected by the water crisis. As with most developing countries women and children are often the ones who have to walk miles to collect sufficient water, which is often dirty and unsafe anyway. Water is not only a health issue, it is a gender and economic one  too. With the development of clean water wells in the centre of villages, the health and well being of the whole community will increase; children are then able to attend school and women able to work.

*1.5 million children die every year due to water related diseases. 

*Women and children collectively walk 200 million miles a day to collect, often dirty and unsafe, water.

*The water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns (UN).

Our donation of £1500 covered the cost to build a freshwater well which will last 10 yrs and give fresh water for communities of over a 1000 people.

Once again - thank you to all of our Loopmasters customers! Your purchases over the holidays helped make a positive impact on people's lives. 


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