James Wiltshire from The Freemasons and F9 Audio takes us through the new F9 TRAX production template concept behind his latest release House Nation Vol.1 for Logic, and gives a detailed look at whats included and how you can use these template productions to further your own studio techniques.

About F9 TRAX

F9 TRAX are 5 fully functioning LOGIC productions produced and mixed inside your DAW using no external plugins. These are F9 Drumtrax on steroids and show exactly what your DAW’s inbuilt tools are truly capable of when fed the right source sounds.
Far more enlightening than stems, far more flexible than loops and being built extensively on multi-sampled Patches, drum kits and sound menus these projects are the most perfect starting block for your next classic house production we can think of.

Most of the drums in this Classic house flavoured pack have been sampled via an original SP1200 drum sampler patches all EQ’d and ready to work as a coherent rhythm track alongside true classic hardware multi-samples. As all main musical parts are midi you can dive right in and start creating to perfectly produced and mixed low-latency rhythm track knowing that sampled patches have been crafted to fit perfectly with the project

The most exciting part of F9 TRAX for us as a label is for us to deliver the production techniques & knowledge, plugin chains, channel strips, automation tricks, arrangement magic and gain structures of professionally produced music as fully functioning DAW Projects instead of isolated tutorial examples.

Want to know how the Pros get such flow in arrangements or how best to work that tricky balance between kick and bass? Or how hard you should be hitting the master fader? - TRAX give you insight into all this and more. Prepare to be amazed at what your DAW can achieve without a single external plugin!

About House Nation Vol.1

Volume 1 covers classic house styles. To get the real sound of classic house you need the real equipment and no expense has been spared here. A whole host of vintage 12bit samplers and synths have been employed including the incredibly Phat EMU SP1200 Akai S950 and Emu Emax I, Original Juno 60s. Waldorf Microwave (Version1 - with the classic Curtis analogue filters), Jupiter 8 , Sequential Pro 1 and the new DSI Prophet 6.

Is there a catch?. Only one, and its standard across this style of sample pack to protect all users - All the material in this pack is Royalty free as normal, the Demo Arrangements are Copyright of F9 Audio and you must make a new work by changing the page, midi notes and adding your own sounds

Key Specs

    •    2.8 gig of Audio
    •    5 Main Project files
    •    Full Set of session notes for each page
    •    52 EXS 24 patches
    •    SP1200 Sampled Drums
    •    Classic Equipment samples
    •    Classic House piano patches
    •    Multisampled Hardware Synths
    •    Classic House string patches
    •    5 24Bit WAV & Mp3 masters of each project

Check out the full demo and free taster samples here: http://bit.ly/housenationvol1


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