Controlling the stereo content of your tracks is an often overlooked skill in making pro - sounding tracks. This 12-video tutorial looks at basic panning through to more advanced techniques on drums, synths and vocals, and on individual tracks, busses and master output. Rob Jones mostly focuses on Live's built-in plug-ins, but the overall techniques are relevant to all DAWs, and one of the chapters covers third-party stereo processors. Throughout the course, various chorus and delay effects racks are made, which come bundled with the course alongside comprehensive written notes to accompany each module. The final video is a 30-minute long walkthrough on how to bring together all the techniques that have been shown to mix a finished track.

Key Features:

  • Over 2 hours of tutorials
  • 9 modules and 3 bonus modules
  • 10 downloadable Live racks and a Live project
  • Covers multiple techniques for creating Stereo width in Live

Written and presented by Rob Jones


MT Verdict:

This is an exceptionally well written course that's very easy to follow and packed with plenty of practical tips and techniques.


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