The expert soundsmiths at Loopmasters made this collection of sounds titles 'Walker' exclusively for the Analog Keys/Four.

128 bass, synth, pad, string, arp and sfx sounds, all tempered to sympathize beautifully in a composition. The sounds are not streamlined for any particular genre, which makes them exceptionally useful for a wide variety of musical duties.
Priced at just £8 this set of sounds is a must...while not genre-cast, there is a distinctive attitude to them. An attitude that brings to mind no-nonsense movies like Bullitt or Point Blank. Sounds that keep you on the edge. Suspense. Grit. Guts.
To listen to audio examples and purchasing visit:
Analog Keys is a flagship analog synthesizer. Analog synthesis, digital controls, and unprecedented playability make it an instrument for the expressive musician.
Key Features
  • 4 x voices
  • 2 x sub-oscillators per voice
  • 2 x analog oscillators per voice
  • 2 x analog filters per voice
  • 1 x analog overdrive circuit per voice
  • 1 x amp envelope per voice
  • 2 x assignable envelopes per voice
  • 2 x LFOs per voice
  • 6 x track Elektron sequencer (4 internal, 1 CV/Gate, 1 FX)
  • 37 key semi-weighed keyboard with aftertouch
  • Assignable joystick
  • 6x arpeggiators
  • Reverb, delay, chorus send FX
  • Polyphonic, unison, multitimbral functionality
  • Massive storage space


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