TURNER MK2 Instant Loop Machine, Remix Machine, Idea Generator, Beat Machine, Sample Slicer from STURMSOUNDS-ELECTRO IS NOW AVAILABLE

Turner enables you to 'roll the dice' with random sounds and noises. Beat shreds, melody fragments, or wild sound experiments will turn into new ideas - in no time!

Turner's wide variety of Sequencer -Parameters, such as Pitch, Sample Start, Sample Slice, Filter, Panorama, Lofi, Noise, Saturation, Octave Shift, LFO Pitch, last but not least LFO Filter, will ease you into a much more fluent and intuitive workflow. Not to forget the fun you will have with five available Sequencers - each one can store up to 127 Samples. But Turner is not just a great generator for fresh ideas, because of its ability to process the included and custom Sample Slices (or even longer Samples) in a lot of different and exciting ways. It's also a fully loaded Remix Machine!

Turner's numerous possible combinations make it one of a kind - a highly inspiring multi talent.

Included with Turner MK 2

    •    A huge sample library of urban electronic sounds
    •    5x 32 step sequencer for: Sample select, pitch, octave shift, sample start, filter, panorama, saturation, noise, bit crusher, slice volume
    •    13 different tone scales and MIDI
    •    Envelope generator for volume, filter and pitch
    •    Sample start generator
    •    Sample slice sequencer
    •    Stutter FX
    •    Swing/shuffle - 18 different tempos
    •    FX: Reverb and delay
    •    Fine tune, stereo spread
    •    Random step generator
    •    Various random options for global parameters and specific parameters
    •    Master FX: Solid state EQ, Compressor, Limiter
    •    Humanizer

For more information, pricing and to demo the product please visit here: http://bit.ly/turnermk2


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