With the emergence of minimal techno into the mainstream airwaves, more and more producers are making the move to the pulsing stripped down sound. And with this switch, more and more producers are going to need quick stimulation and filler bits to help craft their dancefloor edge. That’s where the folks with 5Pin Media come in.

Inspired by the sounds of such landmark minimalists as Hawtin, Minilouge, Slam, Bushwacka and many others, this sample pack delivers quality content engineered with the highest quality in professional sound design. Containing over 182 loops in WAV, REX and Acidized formats, these supercharged bits are ready to be added to your mix in an instant, or to be further edited to customize the loop for your particular groove. Intentionally left processed just slightly, these loops aren’t drenched in reverb or smothered with delay, leaving plenty of space for your DAW and mental projection to work their magic. If just raw loops are a bit to “preset” for you, worry not as the release contains 250+ drum hits, pre-mapped sampler patches (yes whatever soft sampler you use is covered), 16 drum groove templates and over 500 MIDI files.

So, if you can’t seem to make that bassline groove like you want it to, load up a MIDI file and apply your special patch and the low-slung pulsing bass you crave is rapidly nestled in your mix. With the special addition of these MIDI files in this sample pack, it really helps your creative genius get started, and with the arsenal of unique gear and software suites various producers are bound to have, the sonic possibilities are infinite.

Whether it is clicky percussive bits, noise-derived high-hats or staccato synth hits you are after, look no further as this package proves once again that less is more! (Praxis)


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