We are very pleased to say that recent donations to the ChoraChori charity via our partnership with the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation have generated the purchase of 30 sewing machines which are being put to use delivering tailoring training - an employable skill that will improve the lives of many. 

ChoraChori is a children's charity in Nepal. Their mission is to rescue Nepals displaced and trafficked children. 


A BIG thank you to all of our customers who purchased the LNADJ Charity pack during our holiday sales! All proceeds from this pack have gone to LNADJ and will help contribute to their amazing work. We were able to donate £1925.00 from the pack sales. 

Find out more about their great work below. 


We are thrilled to bring more great news stemming from our ongoing partnership with the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life FoundationAs always, a BIG thank you to our customers for helping us make this possible!

Early in 2017, donations from our sales helped provide funding to build a basic 3-bedroom house for 4 children and 3 single mothers at Feathers Tale Special Needs Home in Tanzania. The building was completed in March 2017 and continues to provide a much-loved home for these families. Watch Video.

As a result of our recent sponsorship of the LNADJ Climb Kilimanjaro challenge this year, we have assisted in raising funds to build a newly completed house with 3 large bedrooms, each capable of housing 10 children at capacity. We also contributed to a 4th smaller bedroom for babies - the youngest resident is under a year old, so a dedicated nursery room is needed. Pictures of the children and the new house can be seen below. 

We're also pleased to announce the building of a new well for the Kitaboona community in Mpigi District, Uganda. 370 people now have immediate access to clean drinking water, replacing their previous unclean water source (a small pond)!

That's not all! We're now happy to share that proceeds from this year's Summer sale have been earmarked. We raised £6245, which will go towards helping the following great charities:


We look forward to sharing more details with you on each of these soon!

Finally! We're happy to announce that we'll be donating 10% of bundle sales proceeds to our partnership with LNADJ this coming Giving Tuesday (November 27). 

Thank you to our valued customers for helping us make this possible.


We are very pleased to bring good news on a recent Loopmasters donation via our ongoing partnership with the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation. As always, a BIG thank you to our customers for helping us make this possible!

As part of the newly launched Get Equipped project, Last Night a DJ Saved My Life Foundation connected MAP Charity with Loopmasters. We made a donation to bolster and upgrade the facilities in MAP Charity’s music classroom, hoping to further enhance digital innovation within MAP Charity’s education project to inspire young people, especially those who typically have the least access to creative opportunities.

MAP Charity is a pioneering alternative provider in creative education, offering qualifications and first-hand experience to young people at risk of exclusion from the mainstream school system. Underpinned by a belief in the transformative social impact of music and art on society, MAP Charity is forging an innovative blueprint for what creative education and charities can become.

For the past ten years, the charity has run, amongst a number of other creative facilities, a music classroom where each day 11-16-year-olds learn skills in production, DJing, video editing and more, working towards achieving BTEC qualifications in Creative Media.

We've donated full Loopcloud EDU licenses as well as a range of great plugins for every single one of the charity’s workstations. We've also given MAP students access to lessons via Producertech.com, with tutorials for Ableton, Logic and Reason. Our hope is that these donations help foster the next generation of creatives.

The ethos of using music to positively impact young people in need is a fundamental one shared between MAP Charity and the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation. MAP Charity believes that it is the social responsibility of artists and musicians as well as the wider creative community to harbour and nurture the next generation of talent, providing role models as well as development opportunities. Its vision is to inspire young people to reach their potential through a unique and replicable model which transforms how education and businesses interact.

Thank you to all our customers!


We're very happy to bring an update on our most recent efforts to help bring clean water to the people of a small town in Uganda in partnership with the Last Night a DJ Saved My Life Foundation.

The Kayunga community relied on the nearby pond to collect water for their daily needs. The water, surrounded by agricultural fields, was frequently contaminated with dirt, dust, litter and human waste. By installing this project, illnesses will be dramatically reduced within the community, and enable the entire community to collect water from a reliable, sustainable, and safe source. 

As always, thanks to all of our valued customers for helping us make this contribution!

Community Name: Kayunga 2

Location: Mpigi District, Uganda

Population: 371 people

GPS: S-0.06851 E31.8459


Dear friends, 

We have an update on our recent charity drive in partnership with the Last Night a DJ Saved My Life Foundation to positively impact the lives of people in need.

In joint participation with many of our sample label partners, and with the support of our amazing customers, we were able to build not three, but four wells in India and Africa, alongside 4 accomodations in Uganda for women with special needs children. 

Find out more about a couple of the wells we've built in Busera here.

We will continue our work with Last Night A DJ Saved My Life and thank YOU very much for all the support that has made this possible! You can view some heartwarming pictures of the results of our donations below. 

Thank you!


Thank you to those of you who purchased during our 2016 Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Christmas Sales. Your purchases helped us contribute again to some great charities via our partners the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation We've been able to donate over £10K this round!

The first community we have provided funding for this year is based in Uchiri (at the base of Kilimanjaro), Tanzania.

We are donating £3500 towards the building of a home for four single parenting mothers and their special needs children.These will be built on land at Feathers Tale Children's Village.

Due to the special needs of their children and a lack of housing, the situation for these mothers has been very hard. Without these new homes, they would either be homeless, or have to separate from the children (Calvin, Abdul, Ebrahim and Jonathan). Below is a picture of Jonathan and Ebrahim with their mother. 

In addtion, we are also donating £4500 to the building of three more wells; two in Africa (which will service comunites around 350 people), & one in India (which will help provide water for over 1,000 people).

The well in India is in Gadeguduru, Andhra Pradesh (GPS Co-ordinates: N14.898283  E78.587833) and will serve a population of 1210. The community currently relies on an overhead tank which, due to frequent power cuts, often fails to provide the much needed water.  The community is provided with water once a week, which often means time is taken out of work and education in search for alternative sources, often in neighbouring villages. By implementing this project LNADJ and Loopmasters will help provide a sustainable source of clean drinking water, not only improving health, but freeing up time to focus on education and employment.

The two wells in Africa are in Busera 1, Mpigi District Uganda (GPS Co-ordinates: S 00.07810 E 032.07163) and will serve populations of just over 300 respectively. Both the communities in Busera currently rely on natural sources of water, such as ponds and lakes. Although the community sizes are a lot smaller in Uganda, the need for water remains just as great. By implementing these projects the people of Busera will have access to clean water, dramatically improving health and lowering the risk of suffering from water borne diseases and illnesses.

Finally, we've donated £2140 to LNADJ to help with their administration

Once again - Thank YOU for helping us make a difference. 


THANK YOU to all of you who purchased from our shop during our Summer Sale and/or purchased the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life sample pack between June 2, 2016 and September 2, 2016! 

We're donating 5% of the proceeds from the Summer Sale and 2,500 GBP from the proceeds from the LNADJ sample pack to two great charities - War Child and Drop4Drop

Loopmasters Charity Drive

Proceeds from the Summer Sale have been donated to building two new wells, bringing our total this year to 3 wells built in areas where they will make a difference to needy people. 

One well is being built in Chintamanipur a village in West Bengal, India. It will serve 1855 people in a village that at this point only has an unsafe source of water in a local pond. (UPDATE: the well is now complete! See more at http://drop4drop.org/projects/chintamanipur-west-bengal/)

The second well is being built in a very small village of only 300 people in Uganda. Below is a photo of their current water supply, which is said to be contaminated. 


Proceeds from the LNADJ pack (2,500 GBP) are being donated to War Child - a charity assisting child victims of war. 

They operate around the globe in areas of conflict. More can be found out about the charity by clicking on the image below. Thanks to our customers, this is our second opportunity to donate to this charity. 

Once again, from the entire Loopmasters team - thank you!!!

Find out about more Loopmasters charity donations HERE.


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