Producer Dan Larsson shows how you can construct your own Future Bass drop synth sounds using Xfer SERUM.  Dan goes through creating the synth patches step-by-step, and then blends them together with one of his previously created Ableton multiband stereo widener rack - you can download the rack he uses by following this link:

The tutorial highlights the type of sounds you can find in his recent sample pack Future Bass Generation. 

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About Future Bass Generation

Future Bass Generation weighs in at over 1.5GB with Loops, Hits, Sampler Patches, MIDI and Rex2 files! Over 300 Loops are included with Drum loops sharper than a razors edge – provided in Full Drums, Tops, Percussion, Builds, Fills, Kicks, Snares and Tom variations to make the beat kick!

Over 150 hits come complete with urban Synths, big Kicks, tight Snares and sparkling Percussion to singularly sequence in your DAW. 55 patches are locked and ready for deployment in your favourite software sampler in addition to 341 Rex2 files to chop up the loops for further sonic expression.

A bonus collection of 150 MIDI files allow you to  use the existing content in your sequencer, then flip, reverse and transpose it to fit your music.  

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