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Genre: Dub

Additional Styles: Dub, Electro, Reggae, and Africa


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BPM: 74 - 160

The fertile middle ground between afro and electro is mined here for its musical goodness. About time, too, as wer'e about due a new 'sound of the summer'. Studio vet Biggabush is on hand to pour his years of expertise into proceedings. As a long-time member of crews like Rockers Hi Fi, he certainly knows a thing or two about fusing deep dub with dance music. every ounce of his 1.26GB of royalty-free content radiates funky warmth - from the buoyant arps and pads, to the cavernous bass, and analouge drums. The live playing is a cut above as well. with some hella good Rhodes workouts and synth riffs at your disposal, you're gonna be livelying up your tired old beats in now time at all. Sunshine in sample form.

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