In the previous issue of Soundbytes Magazine, I reviewed Disturbia from Cinetools and was much impressed by its content. Otherworld fills the gap in Cinetools’ already impressive FX library lineup, offering modern cinematic sounds. As the name suggests, Otherworld is a 750-plus cutting-edge cinematic sci-fi sound effect library geared for use in trailer, game, TV and film music. It can also be used to create experimental, ambient and electronic music. It covers a wide range of scoring elements such as cinematic hits, huge impacts and slams, whooshes, pass-bys, rises, sweeps, sequences, drones, ambiences, textures, pads, morphing layers, stingers, drastic synth lines, glitches and stutters and raw source sounds and field recordings. If that long list of sounds does not get you inspired, what will? With more than 5 GB of 24 bit/96kHz high quality samples, there is plenty of material to inject in your productions. The use of boutique hardware units, synthesizer modules, hybrid soft synths, high-end manipulation tools and applying unconventional production techniques make this collection sound fresh and very polished with good fidelity. Bottom line: Otherwold is a sophisticated collection of sonic palette

Original Source: Soundbytes Magazine


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