The latest release in the Vibes series takes an authentic journey through the American Southern states with a collection that fuses elements of 50s rock, blues, soul, funk and more. The pack is divided into 14 Construction Kits of long phrases and variations, with chunky live drums and expressive guitars, bass, horns and keys. Tempos range from a thoughtful 60 bpm up to  foot-stomping 200 bpm and everything is well performed and beautifully mixed with a lively sound and a touch of reverb to help the parts gel. It would be nice if there were full mix previews of each kit but, in practice, it inspires you to be more creative and work with individual loops and parts.

MusicTech Magazine Verdict


"A superb collection of live rifts, with extended phrases that could be used to build authentic-sounding arrangements"

Original Source: MusicTech Magazine


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