That Motown sound had everything to do with the drums. The magic of the genre came from an expert mix of tight playing, painstakingly selected kit, and some real science when it came to miking the room and capturing each kick and snare. It's that mix that the DrumDrops team has clearly obsessively studied, and gone out of the way to mimic for this truly epic sample library. The lead producer-cum-drummer on the project, Timmy Rickard, bunkered down in Miloco's world-class SS Livingston recording studio with his vintage gear to bring you some proper Motown-inspired drum tracks, made up of full performances and a wealth of individual hits, patches, kits, stems and insanely flexible MIDI files. The Kontakt 5 pack includes some 30,000 separate mic samples alone, making this a must have collection for your samplers ... that is, as long as you've got the requisite hard drive space to house it all.

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