We are happy to recommend a website to you that we hope will help you make the most of your music - whether you are just beginning your production journey or are a seasoned veteran making your living in the industry. 

We present to you Music Gateway.  As a team of creatives, Music Gateway was tired using multiple tools to get daily tasks done. That’s why they developed a file storage system that’s surrounded by features that tick all your boxes and can help you generate more business.

Your music in film, TV and advertising:

If you are looking for opportunities including placements within TV, Film and Media, their services include a worldwide sync agency to represent your music. With an exclusive deal for independent music that sees them service 300+ advertising agencies worldwide and successful placements with Netflix, NBCUniversal, Sony, VICE and more, if you’re looking to get your music out to the world and join a new revenue stream it’s the perfect place.

Send your music to clients:

If you need to send music off quickly and efficiently, then curate a bespoke playlist for your clients to stream, download and comment on your music. It’s built for ease so you can create and send on the move. Present your media and music like the professional you are and allow your clients to listen and view your presentations from anywhere. You invest too much time and effort into your work to fall at the final hurdle.

Expanding your network of creatives:

Their platform is a global marketplace community, allowing you to make targeted connections and pitch to Record Labels, Music Publishers and Artist Management. Collaboration, hiring work, song cuts, topline, you name it, it’s there and if you don’t believe us, check it out for yourself: https://www.musicgateway.com/case-studies

Product List:

● Cloud file storage

● Transfer Files in Bulk

● Metadata Management

● Playlist Presentation

● Project Management

● Sync Representation

● Demo Submissions

● Collaboration Opportunities

● Work for Hire

Success Stories

“I particularly like how dedicated & talented Music Gateway can be. As I found out, even the most obscure requests receive a brilliant response and it's a great way to find new people to assist with your creative project.” Dave Stewart, Eurythmics from United Kingdom

“I've met a brilliant London based Producer through Music Gateway and I'm currently recording my entire EP with him. Better yet I've already played a taster of the E.P to BBC introducing, who loved it! Needless to say, I'm very excited to see how the finished E.P sounds.” Nitya, Artist from the United Kingdom

“I posted many requests for singers to my songs and I've got 3 great singers that sung my songs in a collaboration deal. I'm from Argentina and I found collaborators from Nigeria, India and UK. Great people and great collaborators!” Alfredo Norese, Producer from Argentina

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