This new course from Producertech sees Rob Jones tackle the topic of EQ, and contains 30 videos totalling two and a half hours. The first four modules give a well-explained overview of EQ filters, the frequency spectrum and what happens when you boost and cut, followed by more specific instrument mixing and the idea of avoiding clashes. Later chapters focus on getting a good balance with kick and bass parts and adding EQ to the master channel, before finishing off with an in-depth section looking at EQ-ing a slightly more complex mix. This is an incredibly well thought out and presented course that takes care to show both how to EQ instruments in isolation and with respect to a whole mix, and gradually increases in complexity as it progresses. Everything is taught using Logic and Live stock plug-ins, but the techniques are totally transferable, and you also get two sets of stems and project files to experiment with, plus a multiple choice quiz. EQ Fundamentals is outstanding, simple as that.

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