The first of Cinetools’ Trailer Cues series, this horror-centric sample pack provides high-end trailer cues and sound design sampling material for game, TV and film. It features five horror-based cinematic trailer cues (1.69 GB in size) ready for use in cinematic composition, film scores, short-movie scores, trailers, commercials, docuseries and background music. The cues are also fitting for various electronica sub-genres. All cues are delivered in industry-standard 24-bit /96 kHz to ensure the highest quality for today’s cinematic production and post production needs. The following are the titles and description for each cue:

1) Sadistic – A dark heavyweight sound design, extreme impact and hybrid horror, aggressive and dirty basses, monster braams, dark swells, bone-crushing hits, hybrid orchestral rises, eerie atmospheres, paranormal glitches, psychotic pulses, dramatic whoosh-bangs and neurotic subfalls.

2) Merciless – A cue that is frightening and sinister, thrilling chaos and furry – modulated synths, aleatoric orchestral sounds, terrifying shockers, aggressive and subtle rises, psychological drones, low rumbles, disturbing cacophonies, hellish whooshes and heavy transitions.

3) FerociousDeads – A cue that is low, dark and mysterious – bizarre and creepy stingers, bowed metals, drastic basses, psychological noises, supernatural whooshes, anxious pulses, tension builder atmospheres and drones and dark intense hits.

4) Slaughter – Very dark sounding, violence, rage and fury – soaring FX, huge rises, string and brass swells, extremes, disturbing noises and horrific screams, pounding drums, dark & scary atmospheres, nightmarish stingers and scary whooshes.

5) Barbarians – Ominous, dangerous and lurking sound design, orchestral terror – dark cinematic percussions, gloomy backgrounds and strange atmospheres, shocking string stabs, creepy monster voices, ominous orchestral rises, bowed cymbals, dirty suck-backs, malicious whooshes, huge cinematic drum hits.

I should say that each cue folder comes with different version and mixes. You can use a full mix, short mix, shocking mix, alternative mix or tension mix as you see fit. What’s nice about this collection is that it lets you create instant trailer music in minutes. Basically, you have an already polished music that is completely arranged. All you have to do is drop in the samples in your DAW to sync with the trailer scenes. Bottom line, this trailer cues from Cine-Tools can be a lifesaver if you’re in a rush to get your projects done before deadlines.

Original Source SoundBytes Music Magazine



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