Apex is the second installment in the Trailer Cue Series from Cinetools. It contains plenty of tension-building materials that would be suitable for trailers, game, TV and film music. Similar to Savages (reviewed above), the cues on this title will ease the process of scoring music for horror, thriller, suspense, gory and chase scenes. Cinetools has upped the ante in terms of the number of cues. This pack has ten of them, whereas Savages only has five. The 860MB of sampling material is spread over ten Full Mix, ten Alternative Mix and 52 Stems. Each cue has combined hits, booms, pulses, atmospheres, whooshes, drums and transitions broken out in individual track stems. So you can use them on their own or mix and match key elements from different projects to create new cues. Here are the ten cues that come with this product:
1) Knife InThe Sink – A cue full of dark and mysterious thriller. An insane melding of huge metal drums, ominous atmospheres, pounding percussions build explodes into chaotic finish with otherworldly haunting female vocal at the end.

2) Thunderworld – A hard hitting, battle-fiction and ancient-packed plunge into driving grooves and low synth pulses, monster braams, tribal percussion and SFX building to powerful ends.

3) Myth Universe – Cue great for fantasy and mythological chase scene featuring action-packed drumming with warlike huge slams and male chants that build into a triumphant ending.

4) Special Unit – Aggressive industrial beats cue, shocking slams, futuristic sound design that build into a boomy final.

5) Out Of Mind – Aggressive and disturbing cue, driven by giant slamming drums, growing to tense climax, electronic stutter rises leading to deadly conclusion.

6) Hydes Of Doom – Cue with hair-raising sweeps and hits to menacing drums, eerie stingers and anxious vocal FX with breaks to heavy twist ending.

7) Never Again – Huge, impactful percussion-building tension material with dramatic hybrid rises with a sense of foreboding and danger!

8) Nursery Crime – Aleatoric orchestral hits, shockers with menacing drum builds, tension and unsettling rises with climactic deadly ends.

9) No Way Out – Contains rapid, relentless drums with furious hits, monstrous whoosh building to shocking ends.

10) Strike Team – A dark, dramatic unsettling tension cue that is action-packed, suspense, building intensity and heavy ending.


This is another cutting-edge library from Cinetools with cues that have a twist in them. The individual samples employ some very nice processing and creative techniques. If you’re into cinematic sounds, then this cutting-edge sample library will suit you. Not only that, it’s adaptive to all kinds of electronic sub-genre as well. This is clearly another winner from Cinetools. 


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