Diversely talented Edward Scott, aka Spettro, is a mosaic of vivid music.  Embracing the full spectrum of Techno and House, he responds to the moment - the now.

Spettro is right at home feeding the fire of a large club or appealing to the deeper side of an intimate atmosphere. His energetic mixing style and visible passion for moving with the crowd turn his DJ performances into a heightened experience.

Rooted two decades-deep in the Texas underground, Spettro’s following is as loyal as it is extensive, and his productions are played around the globe by DJ’s such as John Digweed, Pig & Dan and Carl Cox, among many others.  His following combined with that superstar support system has landed Spettro shows around the globe…easily checking of nearly every major US city and international destinations spanning 4 continents.

Spettro’s immense production talent and unique sound design aesthetic is why we here at Loopmasters are proud to announce Subliminal Deep Tech, a fathoms deep collage of weighty house music sounds brought to you by this low frequency wizard. This sample collection brings his evolving sound to the forefront, helping to make his style of composition - comprised of hypnotic dance floor tools - an achievable goal for all.

Subliminal Deep Tech was created for producers of house and tech house that are looking for a techno inspired sound palette but want to retain a lower tempo and subtler feel.  You won’t be short of new sounds to try in your tracks with this one in the reserves weighing in at over 1.3 GBs of content.

With loops playing at a purposeful tempo of 124bpm, this collection will work harmoniously with house, tech house and certain techno outings, however any dance floor context is a potential home for these sounds.

Loops, samples, sounds, serum and sampler patches on top of MIDI files… everything you need is in Subliminal Deep Tech and it’s available now on Loopmasters.com


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