In this Ableton Live 10 Production Basics tutorial, Joshua Casper shares a quick and easy trick for doing volume automation in Live. Using the main channel volume to do your automation is not the way to want to be using the Utility device!

About The Future of Modern Pop by TD Audio and Industrial Strength Records

TD Audio is back. This time with our first Vocal Pack Collection. We wanted to come up with something that would be Inspirational and totally essential to your Productions and Remixes.

This Brand new collection features 5 Vocal Production Kits. These Kits are Keyed and Tempo Marked for ease of use. We offer up everything in the demo songs. Each Song Kit will feature all the One-shots, Wet and Dry Vocals, Drums, Musical Elements and of course Fx.

This slamming new TDA Vocal Collection also includes a set of Midi Files and Synth Presets. You get a selection of the various preset sounds used to make the pack with the Midi files. The synths used: Serum, Sylenth and Spire. Now you can use the key elements from each Song Kit your way.  Total control the way you like it.

The Future Sounds Of Pop was created to give you the most inspirational songs we could muster. This incredible pack took time to make. We wanted great songs, as that is the making of a great record. Our first Vocal pack also features a Spanish Song Kit.  Yep, when we say essential pack, we meant it.

    •    1.53GB258 Files Total
    •    5 Production Kits
    •    120 Assorted Loops From Kits ( Vocals, Drums Bass Synths and Effects)
    •    75 Stems
    •    17 Midi Files
    •    39 One-Shots
    •    5 Serum Leads
    •    2 Spire Presets
    •    1 Sylenth 1 Preset


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