This new pack from Loopmasters transports you into the mystical world of the hand-pan drum, with 243 haunting loops and 102 single hits. Playing techniques include gloved, bare-hand and beater patterns, with each giving a nuanced difference in tonality and transient sound. Everything here is well performed with a delicate touch, but you may have to get creative with some reverbs to add a more natural decay to the loops. There are also 68 sampler patches of chord and single-note one shots, with plenty of interesting tones and two velocity layers for the single notes, although they can't match the realism of the played loops. This is a beautiful-sounding pack that's filled with inspirational patterns that would be perfect for film or TV music, or any genre that requires thoughtful, arpeggio-esque melodies. It also gives you the ability to instantly sound like Four Tet or Bonobo! Which is no bad thing in our book.

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