Drummer, Adam Betts, has played with everyone from Squarepusher to the Heritage Orchestra, so he's pretty much the 'go-to' guy when it comes to dance music tub-thumping. Here he serves up a gang of live breaks, inspired by the most sampled funk drummers of the '70s. From 'Amen' moments, to 'Funky Mule' workouts, he revisits drum patterns and playing styles that crate diggers still flip, and flip over, to this day. Each folder comes with variants, different mixes, and the choice of FX-laden or clean takes, so you get maximum flexibility. Meanwhile, tempos run the full range from 95-155bpm, so you have everything from neck-snap hip-hop all the way to jungle rinse-outs. Also available in a multitrack version, for that full performance live room feel.

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