In this latest edition to The Vibes series, we step back in time to the colourful world of electro breakdance that was in full flow during the 80s. As you'd expect, there are plenty of FM-style digital-synth riffs and lashings of reverb (where appropriate), across the 287 loops and 130 one-shots. From the tinkling arps and leads to the well-programmed drums and excellent bass patterns, everything is well written to give the electric boogaloo sound, with some obvious but effective vocoder vocals thrown in for good measure. You also get 42 sampler patches and 70 MIDI files to play with. A lot of the synth sounds have a thin and digital 80's vibe, which is great for authenticity, but may mean they're less suitable for other more modern styles. That said, elements of this sound are currently quite hot in clubland, making this throwback pack extra appealing right now.

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