Isn’t it nice to be a modern day musician nowadays? The luxury of resources at our disposal is just vast. Drift from Industrial Strength is one of those resources. It’s a great tool for desktop musicians, hobbyist and composers alike. The goal of the library is to provide usable materials for creating music for TV series, films, commercials, game and electronic soundtracks. This sample pack weighs in at 2 GB, and is delivered in 44.1 kHz, 24-bit WAV format. Drift is comprised of several element categories such as atmos, drift (fast and long), drone, FX drift, impact, pass by and more. You can augment the samples in your own mixes or use them to help build tension to your soundtrack compositions. The possibilities are endless here, and Drift has a multitude of applications. But if you’re an experimental noise or dark ambient artist this pack has a lot to offer in terms of unusual sounds. Overall, this is a very unique collection of inspiring cinematic sounds. A must buy.

Original Source: SoundBytes Magazine


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