Thirty-five drum part loops, 22 instrument loops and 27 synth loops make up the majority of this throwback sample pack from rv_samplespacks. This sample library is a retro one that brings the nostalgia back when big hair, neon colors, acid washed jeans and mullets ruled the streets. The music was awesome back in the 80s, too, establishing itself as the golden age of pop. 80s Rewind tries to capture all the sounds – synths, drums and anything electronic – that were used during that decade. If you’re a producer fascinated in making retrowave, synthwave, electro-pop and the likes, you’re in for a good treat. It includes lots of audio material that can get things going and inspire you to create authentic 80s jams. I love the varied synth sounds with nice chord progressions. rv_samplepacks did a nice touch on the meaty drums as Linn and Simmons sounds, along with Roland TRs are well represented. This might not appeal to everyone, but a 400 MB worth of neon coolness stuff from the ground up nonetheless. The 45 MIDI files is a great bonus.

Original Source Soundbytes Magazine


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