Aerial Downtempo Piano Loops features over 400 MB of thematic, ethereal electronica elements; 43 Piano loops, twelve Texture loops, 44 Ambience loops, nineteen Instrumental loops, and 37 Drum loops. A wide range of beautifully recorded music loops, ethereal synths, cloud pianos and warm drum patterns. Aerial contains 303 files in total, including Mode Audios famous tail samples, which allows you to bring your selected samples to a smooth, natural decay. A set of 75 MIDI files are on hand should you choose to trigger soft synths or external hardware synths. All loops and MIDI sequences have been recorded in the 80 to 120 BPM tempo range. Aerial is superb all across the board and you can really get creative with the samples and the provided MIDI files. Since the selling point of Aerial is the piano loops, I have to say that these are on the money. I love the piano arps, riffs and chords that are available. They sound so clean and perfected with the right amount of ambience applied. The instrument loops are emotive and can be used in many genres – not just chill and downtempo. With this library, I love how Mode Audio has combined modern recording techniques and trending cinematic approach to give us a library that’s worth considering.

Original Source  SoundBytes Magazine


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