King of the Rhodes is a 528 MB multi-sampled rendition of the classic Rhodes electric piano. An amalgamation of the two classic King of the Rhodes packs from Loopmasters, this collection contains over 126 jazz chords, 26 chromatic chords and 16 separate Rhodes multi-samples to load up into your software sampler (16 patches). All samples are presented in standard 44.1 kHz/24-bit WAV files. The production is great, and I think Andy Lee did a good job of capturing the source instrument. It is sonically balanced, and it cuts through the mix just fine. I see this pack useful for genres such as neo-soul, hip-hop and RnB. But if you load this up in Acid Pro (DAW/sequencer), speed up the tempo, it can great for jungle, house, DnB and disco as well. A great pack to anyone’s collection of prepared Rhodes. 

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