Cinetools make really great sample libraries, and this one is equally as good as their previous releases in chilling Cinetools fashion. Mindscape is another huge 6.7 GB library of cinematic-style effects in different sound categories. It can be described as a mix of mysterious, dark, suspenseful, dramatic, thrilling and intense library that can help push your creative flow, kick your writer’s block aside and as great track starters. This library is split into two main folders called Designed SFX and Designer Tools. The Designed SFX folder contains 745 designed sounds consisting of atmospheres, benders, braams, clocks, percussive sequences, pulses, tonal sweeps, whooshes and more. All the sounds in this folder are delivered in 96kHz/24-bit industry standard. The Designer Tools folder contains 267 sampler-ready sounds should you need to design your own synthetic and organic sound effects from scratch. These are great if you want to further manipulate, slice and dice or tweak them to your heart’s content.  All samples in this folder are delivered in 192 kHz/24-bit for pristine quality and clarity. There are plenty of sounds to be excited here. The production style and execution by the production team at Cinetools did a nice job. The 50 tonal sweeps and feedbacks and 35 braams are inspirational, but the main spotlight here are the 40 cue starters and 50 atmospheres. If you’re looking for samples to add drama and mood for cinematic scores, Mindscape is worthy taking a look at.

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