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Genre: House

Additional Styles: House and Artist Series


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BPM: 116 - 128

Looks like the household fave disc jock has upped his game and got in on the artist pack act. About time, too! Fans of this Spotify millionaire’s club-slaying sounds will be lining up to shave off a slice of his meaty beats to pepper their own paltry productions with. The techno-flecked, disco-warmed loops in this 498MB cluster funk are guaranteed to add a decent dash of style and groove to anything you bolt them to. And the foot-tapping drums, swinging percussion and laser-focused lead loops, will have people making a beeline for the busy part of the dancefloor. It’s Beatport top ten business. And, if you’d like to soak up that steez, then Hugel is happy to share.

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