Anatolian Kopuz is an ethnic sample library from EarthTone that feature Turkey’s national instrument kopuz. The kopuz dates back over 1500 years, and was used in many regions around Central, Western and Northern Asia. To the uninitiated, it is a three-stringed instrument, without a curtain on its handle, playing with a hard plectrum similar to that of a tambur. The kopuz looks, like, a kind of belt, and is 3 to 3.5′ long, two bent beams of horsehair are stretched over it. This 514 MB pack contains 90 dry and 90 wet files that were recorded in 90, 110 and 130 BPM. The samples are delivered in 24-bit WAV audio format, labelled with tempo and key information. The performance of the kopuz player is great – resulting in beautifully recorded loops. The 130 BPM files will surely fit in today’s electronica projects, but the 90 BPM loops are useable for downtempo. For traditional, ethnic, world, organic folk and meditation music, this library can easily help you get started when you’re having writer’s block. I give this two thumbs up.

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