There are plenty of house sample packs on the market, but I rarely see one focused on bongos and congas. This is my first House of Loop review, and they may have something for you to spice up your tracks. If you like the warm and organic tones of percussive elements to energize your house tracks, House Bongos Congas has plenty to offer. There are 150 conga loops and 150 bongo loops that can be dropped, augmented, edited and mix and match in your DAW. Think of this pack as a condiment (e.g. mustard, ketchup, relish, etc.) to your existing drum tracks in a house composition. Each sample is labeled properly with tempo information (124 BPM). The samples have that clear and punchy sound. Needless to say, these loops should cut through the mix with no problem. If you are placing these on top of, say a 4/4 kick loop, they should blend very well with its natural groove. Overall, a very useful sample pack from House of Loop that offers plenty of movement and natural flow. 

Original Source: SoundBytes Magazine


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