As the name suggests, Melodic Elements 03 Kijimi is the third part of Resonance Sound’s Melodic Elements series. Like the titles before this pack, it offers a collection of 100 smokin’ analog synth loops and melodies geared for a wide range of electronic music genres. Using the Black Corporation Kijimi, and taking advantage of the synth’s vast features and unique architecture, Melodic Elements 03 was designed to give desktop musicians and electronic producers a wealth of properly recorded synthesizer samples. In this library, you’ll find driving arp lines, intricate melodic vistas and ominous lead melodies, which were expertly sculpted and processed with hardware pieces including Roland Space Echo RE-201, Moog MF-108 Cluster Flux, Sherman Filter Bank, Erica Synths Fusion Box, Electron Analog Heat, and a legion of Chase Bliss effect pedals for sweetening. Each 24-bit loop is available in wet and dry versions. The dry versions can be manipulated to suit your personal taste. This pack also includes each loop’s MIDI files. These MIDI files are useful to trigger a variety of hardware or software synths should you want to create your own loops. There’s a nice mix of inspiring loops to choose from this pack. You can use them as is or augment them in your own mixes.  Overall, a good collection of synth loops that has Resonance Sound written all over it. 

Original Source: SoundBytes Magazine


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