Composers of dark drama, video game, commercials and trailer music, meet Leitmotif’s Between Moments, a toolset of unique effects and cinematic elements for modern score.  With 1.21 GB of intriguing and inspiring sounds for music production (in 48 kHz/24-bit WAVs), Between Moments covers a variety of genre for the demanding producer. There are 327 carefully crafted elements such as rich and impressive melodies, twisted drum hits, deep pulses, pounding percussion, innovating whooshes, dark atmospheres, cinematic guitars, soaring strings, tingling mallets, moody pianos, high octane leads and more. The 82 SFX sounds are great, and can be used as transitional sounds. Between Moments is very well programmed and recorded. The samples sound very crisp and clear, providing producers with polished material. With only 14 files on offer, I wished there were more samples in the Pulses folder. It’s a small matter to nitpick, but I really liked the sounds in that folder. Overall, a great starter set of samples that will get your artistic side going. Insta-buy!

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