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About Glitch

Loopmasters royalty-free glitch sounds offer uniquely processed and produced samples with textured melodies and off-kilter synth basses to break the musical boundaries. Our glitch hop samples have the lo-fi quality essential for modern music production, complete with vinyl crackles, digital distortions, tape loop overdubs and classic circuit-bent sounds. All our glitch loops have been inspired by decades of futurist experimentation - with post-digital glitch beats, rustic melodic loops and hardware idm sounds to deliver texture, tone and technology to your music. Each of our royalty-free glitch loops has been created by talented beatmakers, established producers and sound designers who specialise in making digital drum loops, bit-crushed bass multi-samples and melodic MIDI harmonies you won’t find in other genres. We have glitch samples for use in techno, house, idm, electronica, ambient and glitch-hop - all available to buy on our website, or preview live in your track before you buy with Loopcloud. We have idm loops with tempo and keys to fit in your music as well as idm samples to inspire or expand upon a new production. Nothing is beyond limits here, with vocoded drum beats. pitched down dialogue and sparse staccato stabs, layered with accompanying background noise degraded to perfection.


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