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Ambassador21 - Metal Kore
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Genre: Hardcore

Additional Styles: Rock

Industrial Strength Samples is proud to present Ambassador21 Metal Kore. If you seek the heavy, and I mean THE HEAVY.…You found it. Blending Hardcore and Metal should say it all.

Ambassador21 Are currently best known for their amazing Trailer for the Netflix original series Love Death Robots. With over 6 Million Views this Industrial Strength Music Release: We Are Legions Blew people’s Minds.

Now you get Ambassador21 in your next session or remix. They have created Multiple releases on Invasion, Industrial Strength Records,Metropolis,Hands, Ant-Zen, Pflichtkauf, Audiotrauma, Out Of Line, PRSPCT, Vendetta Music and more.

While producing multiple Albums that are often imitated but never equaled. This Industrial duo from Belarus (Natasha A Twentyone and Alexey Protasov) have clearly put their mark on the Industrial scene with their Harsh, Relentless sound combined with explosive live performances. Making them a force to be reckoned with Live and in the studio.

Metal Kore is No exception. Expect to find Ambassador21 right in your Daw. This Digital Destruction pack features the most Heavy Industrial Guitars you will get your hands on. The sounds are set to destroy. That’s 11 in Metal Terms. Check the Demo Track if you can survive listening to it for that long. Ouch.

Ambassador21 supplies you with loads of Digital Hardcore, Metal, Guitars, Noise, Smashed up Noise Drums and Killer Hardcore and Industrial Drum Loops that will cut thru any track like a sharp machete. Metal Kore would not be complete without some Signature Drum Hits to crack back into these insane Loops.

This pack is 100% License Free and set for chaos. This heavy handed 24 Bit Audio sample pack will work in any Modern Daw. Or break any Daw. Yeah it’s that ruff. If you’r looking for another Industrial Strength Artist pack. You got it baby.

Netflix Not Included

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  • 380Mb
  • 44 Noise Beats
  • 54 Guitars
  • 25 Drum Loops
  • 37 Drum Hits
  • Amount 160 Files

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