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Ambient Lo-fi
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Genre: Downtempo

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One Shots

BPM: 40 - 80

Low fidelity music (Lo-Fi) is more than an aesthetic choice: it is an interesting and emotional approach to production, where the impact of a sound is more important than its pristine recording quality.

Having said that, lo-fi sounds aren’t as trivial as recording something with cheap gear and hoping for something cool. Most lo-fi recordings are incredibly warm and hard to recreate with modern gear, especially if you don’t have some preamps, old mixers, guitar pedals, and tape recorders at hand. Thankfully, this particle sample pack has got everything you need to get started down the lo-fi route.

This collection features 15 separate Kits, subdivided into drum loops, bass patterns, chords, melodies, and even full sections. The BPM offers a lot of variety, ranging from 40 to 80bpm, which is a really great range when it comes to lo-fi music.

What’s special about these samples is that the sound is really warm and organic, adding a healthy dose of saturation and modulation to your productions.

Even if you don’t necessarily make lo-fi music, some of these samples can certainly add a more “human” quality to your mixes. For example, you could overlay a lo-fi drum loop to your main beat for some extra crunch!

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  • 15 Kits Divided In Drum Loop / Bass / Chord / Melody / Full
  • From 40 To 80 Bpm
  • All Files With Key Labelling

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