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Drum & Bass Essential Bundle

Genre: Drum and Bass

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Loopmasters, Ghost Syndicate, Element One, and Singomakers have joined forces to create the ultimate toolbox for drum and bass producers. This bundle features six staff picks of some of the best DnB packs, offering a powerhouse of creativity. Lose yourself to powerful beats, explore the depths of basslines and synthesizers, and seize ultimate control with the provided presets. This Drum & Bass Essential Bundle is a source of endless inspiration, available for just £50! 

Roni Size - Confessions of an Audio Addict

VIP Review: Future Dub Orchestra (10/10) - “The fact you get Roni Size sounds in your personal collection is amazing as it gives you a real insight into the production and sound source of Drum and Bass leading ambassadors and true innovators.”

Confessions of an Audio Addict is a collection inspired by the legendary Roni Size’s deep passion for beats and bass across various eras. Featuring an abundance of self-proclaimed ‘Roni’ breaks, it instantly takes your rave rhythms up to a whole new level. The sample pack’s foundation lies in deep, junglist basslines, ideal for creating sound system workouts of the highest caliber. Complemented by synths, guitars, pads, bells, and vocals, it enriches arrangements with jazz melodies and vibrant tones. The enveloping SFX samples provided help round out these arrangements and add a final touch to them. With loops ranging from 170 - 176 bpm, Confessions of an Audio Addict caters to all things DnB including jungle, liquid, rollers, dancefloor, jump-up, and more!

Cold Rollers

This dynamic sample pack is packed with content inspired by top-tier labels like Dispatch Recordings, 1985 Sofa Sound, and Overview. Featuring loops set at a crisp 174 BPM, these sounds equip you with everything necessary to breathe life into your musical ideas. Within Cold Rollers, you’ll find a diverse selection of elements, ranging from frosty synth basslines to powerful drum beats, each with its own separate components. Given the unique sonic landscape of drum and bass music, a set of atmospheric effects is at your disposal to add depth and texture to your compositions, along with shakers to inject rhythmic variation. Complete with dynamic synthesizers and lush pads, Cold Rollers provides the essential components needed to realize your creative vision. 

Dutty Drum & Bass Rollers - Serum Presets

VIP Review: FREQAX (10/10) - “I love the organic touch and the lovely quality of these presets.”

Designed for the renowned Xfer Records Serum synthesizer, Dutty DnB Roller Serum Presets enables music producers to extract intense pressure and crowd-stirring sounds from Serum. This collection includes presets and bonus MIDI elements engineered to incite excitement on the dance floor. With a strong emphasis on bass and pads, these presets enable creators to explore the boundaries of electronic music's most innovative genres, seamlessly transitioning from atmospheric, dystopian passages to powerful sound system pressures. Covering liquid, halftime, and neurofunk styles, this comprehensive set caters to the whole spectrum of DnB, featuring captivating textures and weighty bass sensations. Full of a distinctly cinematic quality, this presets pack promises complete emotional and physical command. 

OSCO: Drum & Bass

Harnessing the unique sound palette and expert sound design of Bristol-based music producer OSCO, this pack is an essential addition for DnB producers seeking a fresh, heavyweight sound adaptable to all styles of drum and bass or bass music. Whether crafting rollers, dancefloor hits, halftime grooves, jungle beats, 140 rhythms, neuro experiments, or minimal vibes, OSCO’s signature sound spreads through every aspect. These samples offer absolute versatility with powerful drums, intricate basslines, and captivating melodic elements such as smooth keys, deep pads, ominous drones, and synthesized plucks and bleeps. Moreover, atmospheres and effects are included to transform the mood and create tension within your tracks. OSCO’s expertise lies in blending sounds across various styles while consistently delivering dark and intriguing arrangements, igniting the UK underground sound. Osco: Drum & Bass exemplifies the producer’s prowess and is a testament to his contribution to contemporary music production.

DIMENSION: Drum & Bass

DIMENSION is a thrilling sample library inspired by the innovative sounds of artists like Camo & Krooked, Mefjus, and others. This collection enables an exploration of a diverse range of elements including melancholic chords, explosive drums, and deep basslines. Whether you’re in search of loop sequences or one-shot formats, each element is designed to ignite absolute creativity. But that’s not all – included in this compilation is a bonus Ableton Live drum rack and 10 dynamic drum loops, adding an extra layer of versatility to your productions. With DIMENSION, you hold the key to creating music that resonates with the pulse of modern drum & bass! 

Serum Rolling Drum & Bass 2

This outstanding collection of Serum presets oozes with the modern sound of drum and bass music, drawing inspiration from luminaries like Alix Perez, DLR, Enei, Break, and Sustance, along with esteemed labels such as Shogun Audio, 1985 Music, Overview Music, Flexout Audio, and Commercial Suicide. With professionally crafted patches, accompanied by WAV loops, MIDI files, and bonus loops from the demo track, this pack is perfect for creating a wide range of styles including rolling drum & bass, techstep, neurofunk, jungle, mainstage DnB, as well as bass house, electro, and beyond! 

Grab this bundle and make your mark in the world of Drum and Bass today!

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