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Multiplier Audio: Sample Round-Up Vol. 1
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Genre: IDM

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Multiplier Audio would like to introduce its first sample round-up bundle! Packed to the brim with interesting sounds and hits, ready and waiting to be chopped up, granulated, flipped, and sequenced in your favourite DAW or sampler.

We’ve rounded up 4 of our sample packs, usually exclusive to Loopcloud, and thrown in one bonus one (only available in this bundle) for good measure. There’s a lot to unpack here, from experimental percussion to unique digital effects, and out-there sound design.

Here’s what you’re getting into:

Not Animals:

Some sounds that sound a bit like an animal made them. We created some from actual animal recordings and others we synthesised from scratch. For some reason, we named lots after birds and frogs. Included are 150+ unconventional ambience, textures, hits, and sound effects. Perfectly fitting for experimentalists and curious producers.

Human Percussion:

Percussion sounds that aren't percussion. All have a 'human' component. Sometimes it's obvious. Sometimes it's incredibly subtle. Take a listen and you’ll see what we mean.

Human Percussion bridges the gap between the human world and the synthesised electronic world. Ironically, we didn’t record a single percussion instrument when creating this. Think of this as electronic percussion, but with that real-life, human, organic edge you’re looking for.

Soft Kicks & Percussion:

The most interesting. The most subtle. The most inspiring. Kicks & percussion with character. They don't always punch you in the face. Most of the time we don't want them to punch us in the face. Use them as kicks. Or layers. Or both. Some are very functional, and traditional in structure. Others are wild and experimental. There's a time to be simple, functional, and predictable. And there's a time to be weird. These kicks cover both sides of this spectrum.

Computer Chaos:

Unapologetically digital. Computer-y sounds. Even though computers don’t usually make any sounds. Strange, because we use computers to make all the sounds. Take a listen, and you’ll see what we mean. Included are 122 one-shot samples that cover all kinds of computer-y textures and SFX. Perfect for layering into your beats and injecting some fun character into your music!

Gibberish Vocals:

Unintelligible or meaningless speech. Vocals without the pretence of having to mean anything. Vocals sometimes don't mean anything in electronic music anyway. Gibberish is more creatively interesting. We included 153 in the original pitch. 153 repitched up. 153 repitched down. All are fully processed, dry, and ready to drop into a track.

Multiplier Audio was built by Multiplier - from the YouTube channel with over 110k subscribers and 14m views. He has performed internationally, charted on Beatport, ran a record label, released top 10 sample packs, mixed, mastered, and created tutorials and courses for all the biggest platforms.

New sounds are exciting - new sounds push the culture forward! We’re not in the business of recreating a currently popular genre or artist. We create sounds that haven’t been heard before. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Any references to any brands on this site/page, including reference to brands and instruments, are provided for description purposes only. For example references to instrument brands are provided to describe the sound of the instrument and/or the instrument used in the sample. Loopmasters do not have (nor do they claim) any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rest with the brand owner. Loopmasters or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the sample or the accuracy of the description. "RHODES" is a registered trademark of Joseph A Brandstetter.

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