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A Good Day’s Dig - Drum Breaks 1
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Genre: Classic Hip Hop

Additional Styles: Breaks and Drums


One Shots

BPM: 57 - 130

A Good Day’s Dig is a collection of original and royalty-free drum breaks and one-shots with a focus on authenticity and variety, as well as the body and grit you expect from a genuine crate-dug break.

We've spent years looking for ways to achieve the big, phat, punchy sound that makes crate-diggers delight. At the centre of it all are magnetic tape recorders, massaging the sound in a way capturing sound direct to digital just can't do.

Minimal micing with vintage drums and characterful outboard gear takes us another step in the right direction. Various solid-state and tube preamps give another dimension to the sound.
At the British Music Library, we have a personal passion for drum breaks and take great pleasure in going deeper and deeper into this niche we love so much.

These are vintage drums played and recorded the right way, using a variety of microphones and reel-to-reel recorders as well as various spring and digital reverbs to achieve the sound we all search for on a good day's dig.

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  • 372 MB
  • 125 Drum Breaks
  • 3 Extra Electro Grooves
  • 14 Drum Fills
  • 251 Drum One-Shots

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