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Anatolian Zurna 2

Genre: Middle East

Additional Styles: Brass & Woodwind

We are proud to present our latest release, Anatolian Zurna 2, which contains professionally performed and recorded zurna melodies.

The zurna is a Turkish folk instrument. It is the first known melody instrument of the Mehter group in the Ottoman period. It is an instrument often played outdoors, during weddings and public celebrations. It's also known as an instrument to gather crowds. It is a double-reed woodwind instrument with a bright, high-frequency sound. It is often played with the davul (Turkish bass drum) and is used at traditional weddings. The zurna is made from one piece of wood with one thumb hole and up to eight finger holes. Seven holes on the front and one thumb hole provide a range of over one octave. The most common way to play the zurna is to blow into the reed while inhaling through your nose.

In this collection, expect to find 702 MB of raw content featuring 138 beautifully played zurna loops at 90/110/130 BPM. Both dry and wet versions are provided for maximum compatibility within your projects. All samples are key and tempo-labelled for ease of use, ready to fit straight into your tracks.

Whether harmonising with other instruments or commanding the spotlight, the versatility of Anatolian Zurna 2 knows no bounds. From the evocative realms of organic folk melodies to the frontiers of experimental soundscapes and the cinematic grandeur that brings stories to life, this instrument adapts, transforms, and elevates.

Please note: this is a zurna sample collection only. Other sounds contained within the demo track are for illustration purposes only.

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  • 702 MB
  • 80 Zurna Loops at (90 BPM)
  • 80 Zurna Loops at (110 BPM)
  • 80 Zurna Loops at (130 BPM)
  • 36 Timeless Zurna Melodies

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    • 702 MB
    • 80 Zurna Loops at (90 BPM)
    • 80 Zurna Loops at (110 BPM)
    • 80 Zurna Loops at (130 BPM)
    • 36 Timeless Zurna Melodies
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