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About Afro Latin

Loopmasters have a definitive selection of afro Latin samples, rich with the irresistible flavours of Latin America fused with the Carribean. We’ve recorded seasoned musicians and multi-instrumentalists from across the globe to bring you the highest quality sounds available for your music. Each of our Latin sounds will enrich and enliven your music, with syncopated drums, energetic percussion and accentuated polyrhythms rich with bold colours and vibrant street sounds. We’ve got afro loops bursting with life, as well as multi-sampled instruments to play and sequence in your track - featuring Brazilian guitars, Cuban trumpets, marimbas, bongos and djembes to trigger newfound flows. Each afro Latin sample pack comes at distinctive tempos and rhythms, with influences as far-ranging as samba, salsa, jazz, bossa nova and many other cultural sounds rich with musical heritage. Get Latin loops, one hit afro sounds, MIDI patterns, custom drum kits and meticulously sampled patches to create a range of afro sounds in your music. Find deep cultural expression and warm tribal sounds in each of our afro Latin sample packs - browse our royalty-free afro Latin collection on the website or preview each sample live in your daw using our online cloud storage VST, Loopcloud.


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