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Mamba - Modern French House

Genre: House

Additional Styles:


One Shots

BPM: 115 - 120

Welcome to Mamba, our new French House sound series! If you are looking for 21st-century French House inspiration, then look no further. Loops, kick one-shots, and other percussive elements will fuel your sessions by providing a fresh take on this popular genre of dance music.

Boundaries have never been pushed quite this far! Dive into the depths of a world where robots rock, funk holds dominion over Motown bass, and house rules the hours! Travel to a land that existed before robotic Frenchmen, but still felt its essence in every step. Dance when you hear these melodies of old abandonware because it’s time to get better, faster, and stronger with Mamba Modern French House Samples!

French House is a dance music style that emerged in the late 1980s, partly as an offshoot of house. One key aspect of this genre is punchy drums and "dirty" basslines. These sounds feature eighteen drum loops that combine electronic sounds with acoustic percussive impacts. The entire sample plays at an incredible tempo with precise timing to make any mix come alive. Six featured kick one-shots, six snare one-shots, and six hi-hat one-shots for the perfect rhythmic feel to fill out your beats. This product includes thirty-one different French House music loops from which you can build your own melodies and remixes. This SAMPLESOUND vocal pack is flexible for use in any setting or project. The BPM and key labelling will help you get creating fast!

The Mamba Modern French House sample pack is one of our most expansive collections yet! Enjoy a comprehensive sample pack that pays homage to the masters of tech-house and obscure funk, from Todd Edwards to Daft Punk. The sound quality will make you feel like you've been transported back in time as these samples are inspired by the classics, while sounding absolutely fresh!

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  • 18 Drum Loops
  • 6 Kick One Shots
  • 6 Snare One Shots
  • 6 Hi-Hat One Shots
  • 31 Music Loops
  • BPM and Key Included

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    • 18 Drum Loops
    • 6 Kick One Shots
    • 6 Snare One Shots
    • 6 Hi-Hat One Shots
    • 31 Music Loops
    • BPM and Key Included
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